WorldHaptics with MOOG

With MOOG’s kind invitation, SenseGraphics had the privilege to attend the World Haptics Conference (WHC) June 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey. The event (June 21-24)¬†was held in the Harbiye Military Museum, where many industry players from the haptic sphere gathered for 4 days.


MOOG at IEEE -WHC 2011. Photo courtesy of Daniel Evestedt.

The Simodont Dental Trainer was the highlight at MOOG’s exhibition booth. This high fidelity simulator, with its haptics and 3D visual functionalities provided by SenseGraphics development team, allows future dentists to be trained in operative dental procedures under realistic dedicated virtual environment. The Simodont Dental Trainer was successfully developed in 2010, and 50 units are currently under operation in the Academic Centre for Dentistry (ACTA), Amsterdam.

Since our first collaboration in 2006, SenseGraphics is glad to share a pleasant and lasting relationship with MOOG. Today, we continue to work closely with the MOOG’s team of engineering experts in the medical simulation field in delivering high quality medical training solutions.

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